Oil And Gas Electrical Equipment for sale

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Oil And Gas Electrical Equipment for sale

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Explosion proof electrical connectors
Explosion proof electrical connectors 16A series is suitable for petroleum exploration and other electrical connection, which meet the standard GB336.8-2003 “Electrical Apparatus for Explosive Gas Atmosphere Part 8: Type of Protection ‘n’ “.
CQST certified---examined and tested for qualification by China National Quality Supervision and Test Center for Explosion Protected Electric Products(CQST) and obtained the explosion-proof certificate.
Main Technical Features
Ex markEx n A Ⅱ T4 Gc
Intended useCan be used in zone 2
Working Voltage500V AC
Working Current16A
Withstanding Voltage2000V AC 1 min
Protection degreeIP54
Connection typeCrimp
Contact number6-pins, 10-pins, 14-pins, 20-pins, 30-pins
Note: Both pin and jack could be inserted in plug or socket.Oil And Gas Electrical Equipment for sale

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