Electromagnetic Flow Meter

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Electromagnetic Flow Meter

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Liquid flow meter for coal water slurry
Item No.:DG-EFM006
MOQ:1 pc

The EFM006 series electromagnetic flowmeter is designed specifically for the flow measurement of large-wear fluid, such as coal slurry. The structural features of the sensor and the special performance of the converter fully meet the requirements of the flow measurement of the coal slurry.
Difficulties in the composition and measurement of coal water slurry
1.The coal slurry contains a large amount of solid particles and friction electrode, resulting in 'spike pulse interference', which causes great fluctuations in the measurement of the flowmeter..
2.Flow fluctuation caused by the pulsation of the pressure pump (such as the screw pump, diaphragm pump and piston pump);
3.The metal particles in the coal slurry are magnetized and adsorbed on the electrodes or in the vicinity of the electrodes, causing fluctuations in the display and output of the flow meter;
4.The serious wear of the coal slurry to the lining and electrode of the electromagnetic flowmeter is also a difficult point for the designers.
Factors that cause fluctuations in the flow of coal-water slurryApplicabilitySolutionOther solutions
When the solid particles of the coal slurry are rubbed through the surface of the electrode, the contact electrochemical potential of the electrode surface suddenly changes, resulting in the "spike pulse interference" of the electrode detected by the sensor output. √The sensors with special materials and structure and special transducers. /
The pulsation caused by the pulsating flow of the 'screw pump' at different speeds ×The true fluctuation of flow, the flow meter can't solve.
.Lengthening the front straight section of the flowmeter is the best way to solve the pulsation caused by the work of the coal slurry pressurization pump
Pulsating flow (6%~15%) caused by a 'piston pump' or 'diaphragm pump' ×
The magnetized metal particles are adsorbed on or near the measuring electrode, forming a polarization voltage on the electrode, reducing the measurement accuracy of the electromagnetic flowmeter and further increasing the amount of fluctuation √After discharge pressure, take out the electrode (removable electrode), clean it and install it again.Reducing the metal particles in the coal slurry
Distinctive advantages
√ No pressure loss, the measurement is not affected by temperature,pressure and other changes;
√ It is very convenient to replace the electrode of the flow meter without cutting the flowmeter shell;
√ Anti-scour lining protection ring designed with flow meter inlet;
√ Wear-resistant tungsten carbide electrode;
√ Ceramic lining,especially wear-resistant;
√ Anti-'Spray spike interference' algorithm and using 75Hz high frequency switching excitation method,the flow measurement is stable and the fluctuation is very small;
√ The signal-to-noise of the output signal of the sensor electrode is more than 3 times higher than that of the conventional flowmeter;
√ Excellent low velocity performance;
√ Both the power supply and the output circuit adopt reliable lightning protection and surge protection, with high reliability and low fault;
√ Reliable detection technology of empty pipe.
Performance parameters
Precision of electromagnetic flowmeter:
Flow rate rangeelectromagnetic flowmeter
1.0m/s to 5m/s0.25% of rate
0.3m/s to 1.0m/s0.5% of rate
■ Repeatability: ±0.1% of measured value;
■ Response time: the maximum 0.3 milliseconds relative to the input change;
■ Stability: the stability over 6 months is ±0.1% of measured value;
■ Impact of ambient temperature: ±0.25% over operating temperature range;
■ Impact of the installation location: the installation is not affected as long as the sensor can be fully charged and enough straight sections are ensured before and after.
Sensor parameters
Nominal diameter1 inch to 20 inch ( DN15 to DN500 )
Temperature range of the measured fluid-29 to 80℃
Body materialSUS304 stainless steel
Flange material and shellCarbon steel, SUS304 stainless steel (optional)
Shell coatingAnti-corrosion polyester paint
Lining materialCeramic lining
Electrode materialTungsten carbide electrode (detachable)
Process connectionPN1.6mPa to PN25mPa
Lining protection ring316 manganese chromium allo
Sensor protection levelIP65、IP68

Converter parameters
Ambient temperature range- 20 to 149 of (- 29 to 65 ℃)
Shell materialLow copper die-casting aluminum Nema 4X ,IEC60529 IP66 (standard), or stainless steel material converter shell
PowerAC 86 to 265V, 50/60HZ, 1A fast fuse insurance; DC 16V to 36V, 1A fast fuse insurance
Output4-20 mA output, pulse or frequency output
Communication protocolRS485 communication, Hart protocol can be selected
Protection level IP65/IP68
Correction10-segment nonlinear correction
LCD displayShowing instantaneous flow, total volume, flow rate, etc.
Excitation methodSpecial high voltage frequency excitation mode
Flow rangeElectromagnetic Flow Meter

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